Who we are

We, Shushila’s, are one of the fastest growing manufacturer and exporter of Ethnic textile from India, have diverse and splendid product lines, which consist of Handmade Bed Covers, Cushion covers, hand bags, dress material, with rare artistic techniques like Kaantha work, Applique work, Patchwork, Block Print, Ajarkh Print, and Tribal Work, etc. We are also having product range of ethnic hand bags, mojaris, block printed dress material and office/conference folders.

Our team is highly experienced and they know best techniques to produce innovative and unique piece of arts. Some of our team members are having experience of more than 30 – 40 years. They have dedicated their entire life to preserve these arts.

We are a traditional textile manufacturer and will not forget our ancient technical for making our products. However, we also thrive to combine contemporary tested in our products so our customer feel dual happiness.


Our main motto of business is to present our artistic products to the world, having cultural foundation & also according to the modern taste.


Our vision is to place our cultural business on the top heights of the world. Providing lots of unique & artistic product series we make aware the world about our ancients techniques. We will connect the maximum countries with our creation & one most important vision is to put our place “Barmer ” on the world map. This small town will be soon known by whole world with its fast progress in major fields.

Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing unit is dedicated to traditional Block Printing process and artistic works i.e. . Kaantha, Appliqué, Patchwork, Mirror works. In this unit we have printing tables and through which we produce more than more than 1000 metres of block printed fabric daily.

Blocks: wooden blocks are heart of block printed process. We have more then 1000 block designs with and also update on daily basis as per customers requirements.

Various Artistic Works: we perform various art work i.e. Kaantha, Appliqué, Patchwork, Mirror. We are connected to more than 100 artisans from near vicinity. In this unit we produce ethnic handbags, bedcovers, cushion covers, kitchen ware etc.

2000 Sq Mtrs Manufacturing Plant 90%
More than 100 artisan network 80%
More than 10 Product Lines 70%
1000+ Wooden Blocks 60%
Export Quality Packing 50%
About Barmer

barmerBarmer, Rajasthan: also call desert city, surround by magnificent “The Thar Desert”. Very close connectivity to main city like Jodhpur (222 Km), Jaislemar (157 km) Jaipur (588 Km) and Ahmedabad (350 km). City was founded in 13th century by Bhada Rao. Barmer has survived many extreme climatic conditions such as hot in summer, freezing in winter and flooded in rain.

City is the centre of many artistic works such as wooden carving, pots, vases, embroidering of carpets, clothes, dyed & hand printed textile. City people have not only kept alive the old art & craft traditions but also update them with change of time. Now a day Barmer is major hub for ethnic handicrafts products such as bedcovers, cushion covers & handbags. Apart product this city had great source of Guar Gam. And now city is on world map with recent breakthrough in Oilfield industry. Barmer is home for India’s richest oil reserve.

On cultural from, Barmer is famous for Tilwara cattle fair, Thar festival, Veeratara mela, etc.

Please visit Barmer. A old saying by our thinkers “Padharo Mahare Desh” (Please visit our land)

Incredible Rajasthan! Incredible India!